Need Domiciliary Care?

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Domiciliary Care:

Domiciliary Carers or Visiting Carers are often needed by people who want a specific task to be taken care of at a given time. The variants of timeframe are objectified as an hour a day, several hours a week, or prolonged care.

Why is domiciliary Care needed?

Domiciliary Care is for everyone who needs support with certain tasks regardless of age group or gender. This care prevails on account of any physical illness, mature or premature aging, or any other pertinent problem. Domiciliary Carers provide assistance with numerous domestic aspects i.e. preparing meals, home chores, personal assistance, administering medication, dressing, bathing, personal care, dementia care, and overnight care.


Why do you need Domiciliary Care Service with AZ Inspire Care?

At AZ Inspire Care, our Domiciliary Care are thoroughly equipped and professionally trained to ensure that our patients receive the pinnacle of services. No task is too big or too small for a trained professional. They are trained to visit you for hourly, weekly or specified visits for specific chores like cooking, cleaning, personal health, and hygiene, or they can invest several hours over the week and take you out for shopping, spend time with you and provide companionship.

We, as an accomplished Domiciliary Care Agency, provide overnight care and take care of all your needs with the best caring practices we have adapted. Our domiciliary carers can also provide respite to your usual carers.

What do domiciliary carers do?

Our Domiciliary Carer Specialists are trained for entailing all-inclusive services. They ordain from taking care of fundamental chores and spending an hour a day to complete live-in care.

Here is the fact-check of our Domiciliary Carer Services.

  • Respite Care – extra help so your normal carer can have a break
  • Overnight care – continuous support or a trusted someone on hand
  • Dementia Care – every carer is trained to support someone living with dementia
  • Personal Care – available for any daily tasks you may need support with

Facilities and Services for Care

Our Facilitation entitled with Domiciliary Care Providers is based on absolute professional standards. We are consistently standardizing our Domiciliary Care for out of the ordinary amenity for our patients. We also have objectified the most searched “Domiciliary Care near me” results in Coventry. Our Domiciliary Care Providers are professionally excelling in the following areas.

Personal Care Tasks

  • Domiciliary Nursing Services
  • Assisting services users to get up
  • Assisting services to go to bed
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Toileting, washing, bathing, shaving, and hair care.
  • Assistance with eating and drinking.
  • Continence Management
  • Catheter Care
  • Colostomy / Stoma Care
  • Pressure Area Care and Prevention
  • Sitting Services
  • Domiciliary Home Care Services

Practical Care Tasks

  • Making or changing a Service User’s bed
  • Service User’s laundry
  • Service User’s ironing
  • Preparing Service User’s meals
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Miscellaneous domestic tasks
  • Shopping
  • Assisting with appointments and/ or finances

How much does domiciliary home care services cost?

At AZ Inspire care, we do not have pre-structured Cost & Services credentials. We modify our Affordable Domiciliary Care Specialist services according to the needs of our customers. We adapt our care services based on individual needs and can provide details about potential costs only after a complete evaluation of the required treatments and services.

You can reach us out at 07485151138 to discuss our Professional Domiciliary Care Services for you or your loved one’s needs. We can provide you an estimate after a careful evaluation of the patient’s situation and needs.