Need Dementia Care?

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Dementia is an umbrella term that means deteriorating mental function. It can be presented as worsening cognitive skills, loss of memory, or forgetfulness. Often it can be as simple as the inability to hold a conversation and it may be as complicated as worsening mood swings, using foul language.

Dementia can be of different types and it affects every single patient differently, for this reason, the care plan for dementia patients needs to be tailored according to the type of dementia care homes that they have and their specific needs.

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At AZ Inspire Care, our dedicated volunteers are focused to provide your loved ones the care that they need.

How To Know When Someone Needs Dementia Care Homes?

Dementia has seven stages of progression. It can begin as can simply forgetfulness, forgetting daily chores, names or ways. It can worsen over time and may present as memory problems, particularly remembering recent events, increasing confusion, reduced concentration, personality or behavior changes, apathy and withdrawal or depression, loss of ability to do everyday tasks. Some forms of services for dementia patients may involve using foul language, altered behavior and some may present after stroke.


  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Frontotemporal dementia

When to Ask Dementia Care Provider For Help?

Since dementia can present at any stage and with any symptom, the care plan for dementia depends on the problems that the patient is facing. It is specifically tailored to meet a person’s specific needs. That’s when Dementia Care Homes are entitled for.

Do you need help every hour?

Each query entailed by “dementia care homes near me” leads to us because of our professional services. Our local team of customer service managers will be available to answer your questions round the clock. We can help you formulate a plan that is designed specifically by keeping your needs in mind.

What is dementia Care?

Dementia care is tailored according to the severity of symptoms and varies from patient to patient. Dementia home care for Frontotemporal patients is equivocal for such tailored care.

It can include regular checkups when caregivers visit the home of the dementia patient once a day or every hour to help them with medications or specific household chores that they may find difficult, or just talk to them to give their brain stimulation.

Early stage dementia sufferers can live in their home and dementia care can be used as often as they need it.

What We Can Do To Help?

We can provide by the hour service for simple tasks that people may find hard to carry out. We can help you or your loved ones with the following things:

  • Helps to walk and move from bed to wheelchair
  • Take a bath, get dressed and take care
  • Medication reminder
  • Safety and fall prevention
  • Family reporting status
  • Hygienic and incontinence treatments
  • Lifestyle support
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Change of linen and linens
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Transportation to social and entertainment events
  • It helps with light exercises and outdoor activities

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Our Alzheimers Care Homes Hourly Services In Coventry:

Hourly home care allows customers to use our carerS from Alzheimers care homes every hour or as frequently as needed. Surrounded by their loved ones, pets and being in a comfortable environment, our clients receive the support they need so that they can engage in regular activities and continue to live well at home.

Dementia specialist:

Here at AZ Inspire Care, we only work with the best caregivers and caregivers in Midland, who are all trained to help cure dementia. Our rigorous training processes ensure that our carers are more than capable of providing exceptional standard and incredibly friendly care to older people and help with dementia, and we often conduct additional tests and training to maintain their status as model carers.

We offer individual and personalized assistance for people with dementia, which is specially adapted to your loved ones and will guarantee you peace of mind. We are the best Dementia Care provider in Coventry. Our hourly care ensures that people with dementia get all the help and support they need, ensuring that they are comfortable and live the best life, while our extended care can provide extended support for dementia that gives the loved one a person the level of assistance and communication required during the day. The coverage of our services are dedicated for 24 hour home care for dementia patients.


As a family-run service provider with over 30 years of specialized experience, we are focused on providing care and support that can meet all the needs of your loved ones; so much that we treat them as members of our family. This is not only the loving touch that makes AZ Inspire Care the greatest dementia care service in Coventry but also our commitment to recognized services and facilities that guarantee that our carers will be happy to provide dementia care for older people. We work closely with Disclosure and Denial of Service (DBS) and the Quality of Service Commission (CQC), giving you a sense of relief that your loved ones receive unmatched support for dementia.

Treatment of dementia with AZ Inspire Care:

We understand that taking care of a person with dementia can be difficult both physically and emotionally, so we help with dementia, which solves all the problems that you and your loved one may encounter. Our specialized dementia care services are created on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that regardless of the way your loved one suffers from dementia, they can receive help, assistance and support.
For less severe cases of dementia, we offer hourly visits. These visits are often recorded with your loved ones in their own home so that they feel comfortable and don’t encounter difficult problems. Our professionals dedicated to the treatment of dementia and home care for Vascular patients can help your loved ones whenever they need support, such as taking or remembering vital medicines, ensuring that they are well fed and that they only act as a friendly companion that stimulates their mind. This level of care for dementia is ideal for those who are mostly able to take care of themselves, but are concerned that their dementia will adversely affect their lives. It is also ideal for those who suffer from the early stages of certain types of dementia that impair their ability to move or be part of society as a whole, such as FTD or Levi Body. If your loved one needs a higher level of support for dementia, we also offer ongoing care, a service that provides dementia treatments for long hours. This level of support means that one of our carers can spend more time caring for people with dementia, in case his symptoms often or seriously limit their daily life. Longer periods of time spent with loved ones ensure that specially trained people who take care of dementia can always be on hand if they need vital help or need individual communication that can help with stress and complicate their dementia.

Each of our carers serves your loved ones with a special level of care for dementia and home care for Lewy Body patients which can help and help a person with dementia at almost every stage of their diagnosis. Their dementia home care services range from simple to specialist, which means that no task is too big or too small for our people dealing with dementia. We are the best dementia care homes near Coventry. Contact us for any query.